Hard Doom

by Sabel

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Doomlobbyn thumbnail
Doomlobbyn Excellent heavy Sleep-scented stoner from Sweden. This is well worth checking out. Favorite track: Konstantinopel.
He Who Walks Alone
He Who Walks Alone thumbnail
He Who Walks Alone Tongue-in-cheek traditional Doom. I personally don't give a shit where anyone's tongue is; my business is good music. This is good music, therefore it is both my business and my pleasure.


Thank you for the excellent record. Favorite track: 420.
Doom Kinoko
Doom Kinoko thumbnail
Doom Kinoko HARD DOOM is hard doom!!!! Favorite track: Hard Doom.
Bloodbath Fanzine
Bloodbath Fanzine thumbnail
Bloodbath Fanzine Clattering Symbols, Thumping drums, deep n dirty fuzz box guitars, bursts of sludge and throaty chants, evil psychedelic priests overseeing this arcane ritual of doom regeneration. Sabel clearly dig Sabbath which is cool because so do I. This platter of heavy doom however is served with the condiments of punk, grunge, blues, garage and good old psychedelia. The condiments may spice things up a little but essentially this is a huge hefty slab of Sabbathian doom, complete with sharp time changes. Favorite track: Sabel Babel.
Steve Rodger
Steve Rodger thumbnail
Steve Rodger Cheers to brother FDJ for bringing this to my attention. Retro doom riffing that has a great years ago sound ..... Favorite track: Konstantinopel.
FDJ thumbnail
FDJ Oh yes this rocks my boat nicely.
"Hard Doom" does exactly what it says, it takes the doom genre and adds a touch of old school hard rock to the mix. Sabbathian doom riffs, Iommi inspired (and stolen) solo's with good vocals over the top but all injected with a pace and vigour you would expect from a hard rock/stoner band.
Swedish of course. Favorite track: We Believe.
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Recorded at Playground Studio and Breakout Guitars & More.
Mixed and recorded by Joel Arwidsson.
A big thank you to Joel, Martin at Rockstugan, Gruber, Rabbe, Father Andreas and all our friends who have supported us through the haze.

Black Sabbath rules the universe.


released April 20, 2015

Jesper Nilsson - Bass guitar
Ludvig Rosenbaum - Guitar/Vocals
August Holmstedt - Drums



all rights reserved


Sabel Halland County, Sweden

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Track Name: Hard Doom
A monastary black
Rises toward red skies
The priests heart calling out
To the all-seeing eye
A flame rose in the distance
Over judgements plain
Satan - worlds destroyer
Has come to watch the gate

Planet earth is dying
Decaying every day
Content faces laughing
In the end they'll pay
God of good and evil
Descending down to earth
To watch the final judgement
Mankind has deserved

Hard doom awaits your trial has begun
Hard doom from mans creation you cant run

Searching for the future, mourning for your past
Wont you turn around and see that it wont last?
Are you really happy or are you going mad?
Craving all the things you only wish you had
Track Name: Holy Evil
Crazy and bewildered
Searching for the truth
But who is really crazy
is it me or is it you?
Criticizing things you dont know anything about
And when you try to show your point you just start to shout

Nailed up in your narrow thoughts
Chained up in your mind
Shutting people out when they are no longer your kind
Close your eyes and think real hard and do not try to run
You will come to realize the mistakes that you have done

Holy evil
Holy evil

You call me evil but look at yourself
A mindless being, an empty shell
Hating mother earth oh no it just wont end up well
Just bow down and drop your sword cus' in the end she will prevail

Let me serve you
Let me please you
Tell me all of your secrets

You're the lover of my dreams
You make me see what life means

Let me drown
Let me dive
Into your green sparkly eyes

You're the sun
And im the night
Wake me up with your light
Track Name: Juana's Cure
From a far planets orbit
Reaches out the ice-blue beings
Tearing through the infinite quantums
Until the giant planet they're seeing
Calling in the rest of their race
Blue beings start to cultivate
But extinction is their fate
They can not be saved

Futuristic garden of eden
But its inhabitants are close to extinction
Misery makes their minds unpure
Turns to evil to find the cure
Antidote found on earth
Healing them the magic herb
Immortality regained
Blue people finally saved
Track Name: The Grüber
Set the course for neptune
Take off from the sand dunes
Fueled by a sonic mass
Minutes go as lightyears pass

Hoover down to neptunes ground
Years go by at speed of sound
Traces of an ancient race
Seen inside an endless maze
Track Name: Sabel Babel
Cosmic spacecraft tears the sky
Flies on through the sunburned eyes
Hazeborn astronaut prepares the greener vehichle - lifts to the air
Alternating shift trancends
Space-time bent - Stoner ascends
Through the void i see the face
Staring back with cosmic gaze

Spacelings fly above mars sky
Marijuana fumes keeps them alive
Blasting engines burning fuel
Into depths of martian tunnels
Bow down to the tree of life
Ancient stash will soon be mine
Holy reefer hailed in chant
Inside crypt of primordial plant
Track Name: We Believe
Black clad acolyte
Rides the dying steed
Toward the godlands
Across the endless rift
Thick smoke hails his black cloak
As indigo fills the sky
Spell-chants from the mist
The wizard has arrived

Riftborn astral-lord
Inhales rising smoke
Crushed realms beneath his feet
Onward astral fleet

Ancient cosmonaut
Unveils truth about
Judgement of mankind
Will come to pass in time

Into the black void
Through the rising smoke
To forgotten realms we go

Fly on through deep space
Ego melts away
White dwarf shines its final rays
Track Name: Konstantinopel
Constantine kneel down king
From the astral skyvault bring
Byzantium christened procession on holy baptized wings

Flight above the golden land
Bejeweled bearer of the covenant
Agathius - Sanctified
The anchorite lifts to the sky